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4th of July



Every year, in my small town, we do a rather large 4th of July bash! The whole town is invited! I grew up to this, I’m more or less used to the big 4th of July stuff, but when family came and visited during the 4th, I realized just how amazing my small town is.

First things first, we start out with a big breakfast, and sometimes even a fun run! AA few years a go, as a service project I helped cook the food. They put me in charge of the watermelon. Have you even cut open a half-dozen watermelons? It isn’t easy, and it certainly makes you sticky!

This year’s breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes(with butter and syrup of course), and about five zillion melon slices! I only had to cut up about 6 watermelons. I don’t envy the person that had to cut up seemingly hundreds of melons of all shapes and sizes! By the time I remembered to  toke a picture I had forgotten not to eat anything, so there is no melon on my plate.



There is always some sort of water game in the afternoon. A few years ago someone created something similar to a dunk tank. Except when someone hit the target, it swung around and popped a large water balloon over a volunteers head! Last year they set up a tarp that covered the entire soccer field, poured several gallons of soap on then, and then brought the firetruck out. The fire hose was aimed at the tarp and it became a HUGE slip and slide! This year they brought some bouncy houses and a hose. A little less exiting than last year, but still able to get us all thoroughly wet!



In the evening is my favorite part. A DJ comes and turns the park pavilion into a dance party! He then plays hits like Cupid shuffle,Cha Cha Slide, and  Cotton Eye Joe (don’t even pretend you don’t know that one)! He also plays slow dances, one of which a boy asked me to dance to, and requests. Some of the best this year where The Chicken Dance, Ride, and All about that Base.




And yes, the blurry navy blue person with the bob is me. And no, I am not ashamed that I have been caught leading Cotton Eye Joe.


After a few hours of dancing, some patriotic music comes on and the fireworks begin!




See! Pretty cool right?


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