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Maine Vacation



My family visited my grandparents in maine. A long trip, but 100% worth it!

First things first, the trip there. Waited at the Las Vegas Airport and got this perfect picture at sunset.


In Maine, we stopped at Reds eats so that Dad could get the famous Lobster Roll. As we waited in line (which was around the corner) the locals all shouted from their cars “It’s not even that good! Go across the street!” As it turns out, they were right. The famous lobster roll was $25, and it had too much lobster on it. ¬†Just so you know.

In the little cabin in the woods where we were staying there is a perfect little trail in through the woods and then along the beach.

Along the trail I found some wild strawberries.DSCN0904

Altogether I gathered 63 strawberries.

My little brother Oliver found a pinecone that had some cool colors. And there was a lot of vegetation.


I learned about a pickle picker.


And Bacon Jam.


And, with my brothers assistance, we realized that  where we where would be perfect for a zombie invasion. My grandad made a facebook post:

Well prepared for inevitable Zombie Attack, according to knowledgeable grandchildren


1. Large barricaded doors in garage
2. Stairs to run up and hide during invasion (attic and basement considered positive defense, too).
3. Use the dock as a raft to float into river and avoid capture, or use the sailboat to get away from them.

4. Strawberries in the woods and seafood easily collected.
21st century survivalist theory is evidently tied to a zombie invasion.
And the people who were letting us stay in their house answered back:
We planned the design just so we could escape zombie invasion; I am glad it was so noted!!!

My prepper tendencies, so imbued into the Maine property, have clearly rubbed off on children somehow distantly connected to me….


All in all, not a bad trip.


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