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Nutella Swirl Meringue Cookies



I love cooking, baking especially. I make breads, pretzels, cakes, pies and cookies, but one of my favorite things to bake are Nutella Swirl Meringue Cookies.

They not only taste delicious, but they are gorgeous as well. I found the recipe on Cream Puffs in Venice’s blog. It is a simply genius recipe that combines two of my favorite things: Nutella, and Meringue cookies. They melt in your mouth and taste simply amazing. They are definitely a favorite in my family. Everyone loves them, and when I made them for a dessert auction, a pack of 5 sold for $15! Go ahead, try them! They don’t take long to make.

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Hi! My name is Serenity and I love to read! I also love cooking, from cookies and cakes, to full on thanksgiving meals. On this blog, I am going to be posting life hacks, tips, craft ideas, recipes,pictures and stories about my life. ~Serenity

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