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In the battle of Manhattan, Ethan Nakamura falls through a fissure in Olympus. Ethan falls into empty air, thousands of feet above ground. I began to wonder just how long it would take for him to reach the ground.


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Okay. Mount Olympus is on the 600th floor of the Empire State building. each floor is about three meters high.

three meters * 600 = 1800 meters

My dad and I looked up the formula for how long it takes an object on earth to fall a given distance:

time= √2 * distance/ acceleration due to gravity

Acceleration due to gravity = 9.8 miles per second per second


So our problem right now is: time=√3600/9.8

3600 divided by 9.8 is roughly 367.35

The square root of 367.35 is roughly 19.2 seconds

So now we have the time, and with this information, we can find out how fast he was going when he hit the ground.

Velocity = Acceleration* Time

19.2*9.8=189.06 meters per second.

There are 1609 meters in 1 mile

Now we are in fractions.

1/1609 = X/189.06

189.06 = X * 1609

189.06/1609 = X = 0.118 miles per second

0.118 * 60 =7.05 miles per minute

7.05 * 60 = 423 miles per hour.

SO, if there is no air resistance, Ethan would hit the ground at a whopping 423 miles per hour.

However, the greatest terminal velocity for a human is about 118 miles per hour.

That is still pretty dang fast.






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