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What to think about before you cut your hair



I recently cut my hair into a bob that I think looks adorable. But it isn’t all that it’s cut out to be (pun intended)

The main reason I cut my hair was so that I could do a french twist, my go to hairstyle, more easily. There was just too much hair to try and pin up. Of course, if I spent a lot of time on it, I could do a decent twist, but it took too much time to remain my go to hairstyle.

I thought that the bob would be the perfect length for a french twist. Unfortunately, it was cut just a little too short. Now my go to hairstyle is pretty much always down.

There are always pro’s and con’s whatever you do, but here are a few things to think about before you chop your hair.

1)Shorter hair means more frequent cuts

  It’s important that you have a hairstylist that you like when you have a short cut, because you’ll be spending a lot more time hanging out with them. With long hair you can go much longer without a trim, with shorter hair, if you want to keep it short, it means much more frequent cuts.

2)It’s going to take some getting used to

 Many of us, including me, have an emotional attachment to our hair. At first the thought of chopping your hair can be scary. Think hard before you decide to make the change, but remember it’s just hair, it will grow back!

3)It won’t grow back overnight

 It takes just moments to cut your hair, but growing it back takes much, much longer. On average, hair grows about 6 inches a year. That’s about a half inch per month. So, if you are thinking about getting a pixie, realize that it will take a while to grow back.

5)You can’t always do your go to style

Whether your go to style is a french twist, like mine, or a ponytail  or braid, once you cut your hair short you really can’t do that anymore. Of course, if you cut it into a bob you might barely be able to pull it into a pony, but  it isn’t the same. It won’t manage your bad hair day hair. Shorter hair means that generaly you have to spent a little time making sure it looks presentable.

6) The texture is going to change

 When I had longer hair I had a little wave. Now that it’s shorter it curls whenever I let it air dry. If I use a hair dryer to dry, or use a straightener after it air dries it goes straight again. Long hair will weigh down the curls and waves to be more relaxed, but short hair is going to make your hair texture tighter.

7)You’ll use less shampoo

 Shorter hair means less shampoo, which will save you money. I don’t think I need to get into it any more than that.

8)Your styling tools will change

 Your hair requires different styling tools depending on the length. Shorter hair needs thinner curling irons and smaller straighteners than longer hair.

9) You’ll have to wash it more often

When you have short hair, you must wash and style it every single day, or it looks greasy. If you have longer hair, though, washing three times a week is good enough for most people.

10)The first few days you’re going to be shocked

If you cut you hair of, you might forget about it for a moment, but the next time you glance in a mirror, or a store window, or whatever you see that is reflective, you are going to be surprised for a moment. Sorry, that’s just how it works.

Now go and have a long thinking session about whether or not you want to cut your hair. Don’t make a spur of the moment decision and chop your hair into a pixie. That almost never works out.


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